Ultimate Guide to Inkle Loom Weaving with Free Projects

Inkle loom weaving is easier than you think and is a great way to start weaving for beginners especially with this FREE guide and 5 free weaving projects.

Long Thread Editorial Staff May 2, 2022 - 4 min read

Ultimate Guide to Inkle Loom Weaving with Free Projects Primary Image

Amy Abbott's inkle band for her Pincushion Necklace on the loom. Photo by Joe Coca

I am endlessly fascinated by inkle-loom weaving. It can be used to create some truly beautiful pieces of weaving using the simplest of equipment. The bands woven on these looms are versatile and incredibly useful. You can use them on their own as hat bands or shoelaces, or you can use them to trim other handwoven cloth. You can even sew bands together to create functional bags and pouches that are thick and durable.

Inkle-loom weaving patterns and tips in this free eBook cover a lovely array of fabric types in many different materials. Here's a sneak-peek at the inkle-loom weaving patterns inside:

How to make a PVC loom

HW309-0059-inkle-loom-cocaDIY Inkle loom designed by Sharon Kersten

To build this PVC loom, you’ll need to gather a few basic hand tools and take a trip to your local hardware or home improvement center. Learn how to construct a loom, warp it, and weave a project all within a weekend. This lightweight, portable loom is suitable for small projects like hatbands (see below) and bookmarks. It can easily be disassembled for travel when needed.

Weaving a simple but stylish hat band

HW309-0044-Kersten-cocaHatband by Sharon Kersten

This beautiful hatband was created using pick-up to create the "S" motifs. It is a great introduction to patterned inkle weaving.

Inkle bands that become patriotic pins

HW-Flag-Pins-abbott-ma09 Amy Abbot's Stars and Stripes pins

This US flag-inspired pattern looks like it might be complicated but the design is all taken care of in the colorful warp. You use one color weft and simply alternate between the two sheds to create stars and stripes. After you've woven a long band, you'll cut it into pin-sized pieces then add a backing, and pin hardware.

Jaspe-inspired bands

HW908-0022-Ehler-cocaChristi Eales Ehler wove bands to coordinate with fabrics she purchased in Guatemala

Jaspe is the Guatemalan term for ikat. These inkle-woven bands take advantage of the unique design principles of Guatemalan jaspe fabrics as well as their rich and glorious rainbows of colors. Weave these versatile bands to create a sturdy belt or strap. Discover how great bands and belts can be for experimenting with color with this project.

Weaving a pincushion necklace

HW1108-0043-band-abbott-cocaWeave a band and create A Pincushion Necklace. Designed by Amy Abbott

A wide inkle-woven band is divided into two narrower bands to make handy hanging straps. The unique split straps and the tubular inkle-woven trim makes this project an interesting departure from traditional inkle bands. Wear the pincushion around your neck or hang it from the castle of your loom.

Inkle bands to make a bag for a Mini Tablet


This clever use of two sizes of inkle bands by Trudy Sonia will start your imagination flowing. One band is wide and sewn together to create the bags's body while the other much thinner band that coordinates perfectly, becomes the bag's strap and part of its closure.

Originally published April 16, 2018; updated May 2, 2022.