Tapestry weaving is one of the most accessible types of weaving. You can create a tapestry loom using simple materials, and once you have your loom, getting started is fun and easy. Often used to create wall hangings, you can use bulky yarn and fiber, other found objects, or create unique shapes, designs, and even pictures using tapestry techniques.

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Call for Submissions: Summer 2024—Blast from the Past!

Let's get Medieval, Easy Weaving with Little Looms Style!

Clasped-Weft Weaving 2 Ways!

Learn the 2 clasped weft techniques, how they differ, and what each means for your final cloth.

Weaving with Handspun: What Makes a Good Tapestry Yarn?

When spinning for tapestry consider this: What kind of reflectance do I want in the finished yarn? And what yarn properties will best allow me to create the desired image?

Techniques for Texture: Rya and Soumak

Rya and soumak are simple techniques that can add a powerful visual punch to your weaving. Learn how to use these two techniques in your weaving with some helpful (and free!) videos by Esther Rodgers.

Subscriber Exclusive

Weaving Basic Shapes in Tapestry

The meet-and-separate technique is just one beginner-friendly way to weave shapes in tapestry. Learn the basics from Tommye McClure Scanlin.

Long Thread Podcast: Emily Nicolaides

Season 6, Episode 2: In 2016, Emily Nicolaides began exploring the possibilities and limitations of circular weaving. Combining years of research, her book Amazing Circular Weaving opens up a new world of richness, beauty, and complexity.

Beauty in Soil

Weavers know inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places--including soil. Read how the ground beneath our feet inspired an art exhibit.

Top 10 Little Looms Articles of the Year

Out of all the posts we put up on this new website, these were the 10 you loved the most.

Call for Submissions: Winter 2023—Folk and Fairy Tales

We’re looking back at the stories of old from cultures around the world for this Winter 2023 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms.

Tapestry Tech: Weaving Your First Wall Hanging

Learn how to use tapestry weaving techniques to weave a wall hanging from expert weaver Rachel Denbow.