Inkle looms are primarily used to weave bands. Though they have a narrow weaving width, you can create extensive designs and patterns with an inkle loom. Use inkle-woven bands on their own as straps, hatbands, and belts or trim a larger woven piece or garment. You can even sew bands together to create thick and durable fabric.

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Weave a Band Using a Rigid Heddle

Rigid heddles are wonderful tools for bandweaving, once you know how to use them. Watch an exclusive video featuring Spin Off’s Kate Larson to learn how to warp and weave on a rigid heddle, no loom required!

Top 10 Uses for an Inkle-Woven Band

If you’re hooked on inkle weaving and wondering what to do with all your new bands, here are a few clever ideas—from tried-and-true to mind-blowingly creative.

Call for Submissions: Summer 2024—Blast from the Past!

Let's get Medieval, Easy Weaving with Little Looms Style!

Beyond Plain Weave on the Inkle: Part 1

Joan Sheridan explains the basics of turned krokbragd, simple pick-up, and Baltic pick-up on the inkle loom in the first part of weaving more than just plain-weave bands.

How to Read a Simple Inkle Draft

Ready to get started with your inkle loom? Here’s how to read basic drafts.

Bespoke Inkle Bands

I enjoyed having a plan in mind for my inkle bands as I wove them, and I find that’s often the case in weaving; an end purpose makes it more fun and interesting.

Spice Up Your Weaving with the Summer 2023 Issue of Little Looms

Take a quick tour of the Summer 2023 issue full of projects inspired by food and cooking.

Long Thread Podcast: Kerstin Neumüller

Season 6, Episode 6: Admiring the traditional bandweaving of her native Sweden, Kerstin Neumüller took her love of weaving a step further and learned to carve small, sweet rigid heddles.

The Well-Dressed Pup Collar

Using the commercial collar as her example, Elisabeth Hill found the necessary hardware online and then designed an inkle loom for her proud pup Fiona.

Little Looms at a Whole New Level

Learn all about the new All Access subscription from Easy Weaving with Little Looms, where you’ll have hundreds of projects, books, and videos at your fingertips!