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The Little Looms Library offers education and inspiration for weavers on rigid-heddle, inkle, tapestry, pin looms and more.

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10 Small-Loom Weaving Things I’d Rather Do Than Stand in Line on Black Friday

The worst day weaving is still better than the best Black Friday spent fighting the crowds in the hopes of getting a deal.

Memories are Made from Potholder Looms

Think weaving with potholder looms is just for kids? Think again! Long Thread Media cofounder Linda Ligon opines on the virtues of these small and deceptively simple looms.

A Trio of Techniques: Leno Lace, Brooks Bouquet, and Danish Medallions

Learn how to do Leno lace, Brooks bouquet, and Danish medallions on the rigid-heddle loom. With these hand-manipulated techniques you can take your designs to the next level.

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Pick It Up: Learn Patterning for 2 Pick-Up Sticks

Sara Goldenberg White shares her tips, tricks, and best practices for using 2 pick-up sticks on the rigid-heddle loom.

For Weavers, by Weavers

Little Looms has grown from its first issue in 2016 into a vibrant community for small-loom weavers of all types—a place where you’ll find makers who want to share their love of weaving and help you discover the transformative power of creative expression.

Everything we create is for the small-loom weaver with fresh, colorful, and exciting ideas for rigid-heddle, pin looms, inkle, tablet/card weaving, and even tapestry weaving.

From our magazine to website, explore easy-to-understand tutorials, creative approaches to weaving, and new takes on projects for your favorite looms.

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Call for Submissions: Winter 2023—Folk and Fairy Tales

We’re looking back at the stories of old from cultures around the world for this Winter 2023 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms.

Tablet Weaving: Patterning, Portability, and Intrigue

Looking for a weaving technique you can take just about anywhere? Try tablet weaving!

The Value of Color Theory

What is value and how does it affect your weaving? Christina has the details along with a simple trick for figuring out value using your smartphone.

Taking Log Cabin to a New Level

What happens when you take the classic color-and-weave pattern of log cabin and add some extra elements to spice it up? Christina explores some examples of rigid-heddle patterns that do just that!

Adventures in Direct Warping a Rigid-Heddle Loom

Susan prefers to direct warp when weaving on the rigid-heddle loom, and will go to great lengths to avoid during otherwise. Here she recounts a few times when direct warping was anything but.

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Subscriber Bonus: Cuppa Tea Cozy Embroidery Stitches

Learn the 4 basic embroidery stitches Margaret Stump uses in her Cuppa Tea Cozy with this subscriber exclusive.

Weave a Bread Bag on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

Angela Tong shares how she designed and wove a bread bag on the rigid-heddle loom.

Tapestry Tech: Weaving Your First Wall Hanging

Learn how to use tapestry weaving techniques to weave a wall hanging from expert weaver Rachel Denbow.

A Gourd-geous Set of Pin-Loom Pumpkins

Christina details how she wove up two cute little pin-loom pumpkins.

Writing Words: Two Ways

The Winter 2022 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms features two bands with woven writing. Christina details how the techniques are different.

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