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The Well-Dressed Pup Collar

Using the commercial collar as her example, Elisabeth Hill found the necessary hardware online and then designed an inkle loom for her proud pup Fiona.

Gear Guide: Pin Loom

A pin loom is a sweet and simple way to make cloth. The shape and size of the loom determine what you can make with it—a creative challenge to weavers to transform small pieces of fabric into inventive and sometimes three-dimensional weavings.

3-Step Mug Rugs on a Potholder Loom

Did you know you could weave mug rugs using a potholder loom? Read more to learn the 3-step technique!

Stress Free Pick-Up Sticks and String Heddle Setup

Find string heddles stressful? Pick-up sticks make you panicky? Sara Goldenberg White shows how easy it is to set up your rigid-heddle loom with both!

For Weavers, by Weavers

Little Looms has grown from its first issue in 2016 into a vibrant community for small-loom weavers of all types—a place where you’ll find makers who want to share their love of weaving and help you discover the transformative power of creative expression.

Everything we create is for the small-loom weaver with fresh, colorful, and exciting ideas for rigid-heddle, pin looms, inkle, tablet/card weaving, and even tapestry weaving.

From our magazine to website, explore easy-to-understand tutorials, creative approaches to weaving, and new takes on projects for your favorite looms.

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5 Reasons Why Spinners Should Try Pin Loom Weaving

If you spin your own yarn consider picking up a pin loom if you haven't already. Read more about why handspun yarn and pin looms go hand-in-hand.

All New for All Access

Check out the latest addition to Little Looms and all the new perks.

Little Looms at a Whole New Level

Learn all about the new All Access subscription from Easy Weaving with Little Looms, where you’ll have hundreds of projects, books, and videos at your fingertips!

Variable Dent Reeds: What Are They?

Every wondered what a variable dent reed was and how it can be used in weaving on the rigid-heddle loom? Learn more about these versatile tools here!

Project Spotlight: Plumeria Plant Hanger

This incredible tablet-woven plant hanger only looks complicated, making it a great project for card weaving newbies!

Call for Submissions: Spring 2024—Hip To Be Square

Let’s celebrate the beauty of the right angle with the Spring 2024 issue. Learn more about how you can send in a proposal!

A Day at the Beach Towels

Take a trip to the beach without leaving your rigid-heddle loom with Jenny Sennott's clever beautiful ocean inspired towels.

Reader's Guide

Learn basic finishes and seams for weaving, how to warp two heddles for double sett, and pick-up stick basics in one handy place.

Subscriber Exclusive

Weaving Basic Shapes in Tapestry

The meet-and-separate technique is just one beginner-friendly way to weave shapes in tapestry. Learn the basics from Tommye McClure Scanlin.

Artist Spotlight: John Mullarkey

Go behind the scenes and learn a bit more about tablet weaver extraordinaire John Mullarkey.

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Easy Weaving with Little Looms Spring 2023

Weave cloth that’s got to be touched to be believed with projects made from sumptuous silks, cozy wools, crisp linen, bumpy bouclés, and so much more.

The Complete Weaving Kit | Ashford Handicrafts

The perfect gift! Ashford's kit includes a loom, warping, weaving tools and accessories, full step-by-step instructions, canvas carry bag, finishing wax and a comprehensive weaving book.

Woolhouse Tools Norah Table Loom | Fiber Artist Supply Co.

Weave in style with the ultimate workshop loom from Woolhouse Tools.