Rigid Heddle

The rigid-heddle loom gets its name from the heddle that is lifted and lowered. This heddle allows specific threads to be isolated in either a slot or a hole which work together to create patterning in your cloth. This loom has gained significant popularity and has become the primary loom for many weavers. With the rigid-heddle loom, the loom’s width determines the width of your piece, so be sure to find a loom that suits your desired projects.

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Subscriber Bonus: Pocket Scarf Project

Don’t let pocketless pants get you down. With this rigid-heddle scarf project from Liz Gipson, you can add 4 extra pockets to any outfit.

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Rigid-Heddle Projects from the Pages of Handwoven

As a bonus for All Access Subscribers, we’ve pulled two rigid-heddle projects from back issues of Handwoven and turned them into handy-dandy PDF downloads.

Sizing Up My Weaving

Anne wanted to weave with a yak/silk blend in the warp, but was worried about the damage the heddle might do to the fuzzy yarn. Instead of giving up, she applied sizing, a temporary coating designed to protect yarns while weaving.

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Esther Rodgers uses hand-manipulation techniques, interesting yarns, and a no-mistakes attitude to create her one-of-a-kind work. Allison explores Esther's philosophy of design in rigid-heddle weaving.

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