Rigid Heddle

The rigid-heddle loom gets its name from the heddle that is lifted and lowered. This heddle allows specific threads to be isolated in either a slot or a hole which work together to create patterning in your cloth. This loom has gained significant popularity and has become the primary loom for many weavers. With the rigid-heddle loom, the loom’s width determines the width of your piece, so be sure to find a loom that suits your desired projects.

Discover the breadth of possibilities with the rigid-heddle articles, projects, and patterns in this category and throughout Little Looms.

Team Colors Weave-along: Avoiding and Fixing Mistakes on the Loom

Learn Elisabeth's tips and tricks for avoiding mistakes while weaving--and some techniques for fixing them when you run into problems.

Freedom in Simplicity: Weaving on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

Author and designer Betty Davenport loves weaving on a rigid-heddle loom. Find out how she uses these simple looms to create incredible cloth!

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Alternative Colorway: Garden Party Purse

For the Spring 2023 issue, Angela K. Schneider wove 3 versions of her Garden Party Purse. As a bonus for subscribers, we give the details about the yarns she used, plus a downloadable version of the final project.

Viva Magenta! Projects to Celebrate the 2023 Color of the Year

Meet Pantone's color of the year and ten inspiring designs for small looms to get your magenta magic going.

Tempting Textures

The Spring 2023 issue is dedicated to texture and all the fabrics that make us want to give the weaver’s handshake.

Top 10 Little Looms Articles of the Year

Out of all the posts we put up on this new website, these were the 10 you loved the most.

Rigid-Heddle Rag Rug

You might not think that a rigid-heddle loom is the most obvious choice for rag-rug weaving, but if you plan ahead, use a single-ended tapestry beater, and take your time you can weave something wonderful.

Saying Thank You with a Free Scarf Pattern

This has been an incredible year for Easy Weaving with Little Looms, so to say “thank you,” we’re giving away the pattern for the beautiful Jewel Scarf by Tammy Bast.

A Tale of Two Scarves

Two rigid-heddle woven scarves, one plain weave and one twill, showcase just a few of the incredible options you have on the rigid-heddle loom.

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Catenpile Tutorial and Project

Learn the catenpile technique for embellishing handwoven cloth on the loom with this subscriber-exclusive tutorial and project.