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How to Use a Lucet

Learn step-by-step how to use a lucet to make braided cord using this simple tool.

Catarina Ferreira Jun 13, 2024 - 6 min read

How to Use a Lucet Primary Image

Lucets are simple tools that allow you to create a square-ish braided cord. They also have a long history, although how long is still up for debate. Photo by Ann Swanson

The lucet is an ancient fiber tool used to make braids. While it’s thought these tools originated in Scandinavia around the Viking age, they eventually spread to other parts of Europe. Countless lucets and possible lucets have been found in archaeological excavations and throughout history, these braids had many uses: trim, closures, laces, bag straps, and so much more. Lucets are simple tools and braiding with them is easy and fun. This subscriber exclusive excerpt of Catarina Ferreira’s article “How to Make a Lucet Braid” from the Summer 2024 issue details exactly what you need to know and do to use these fun and forklike tools. —Christina


Materials Needed •Yarn of choice •Lucet •Patience

First, a disclaimer. Though this may seem very straightforward, I have seen variations of the lucet braiding process. The one described here is the one I was taught and the one that has worked comfortably for me over the years. I am right-handed; therefore, these instructions and images are shown for using a lucet with a right hand. However, you should be able to mirror the instructions for the left hand.

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