Striped Napkins with Pick-Up

Project Type Table Linens/Kitchen
Categories Rigid-Heddle
Techniques Plain Weave, Pick-Up
Heddle Width 22
Author Susan E. Horton
Format Project/Pattern

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Get all the information you need to weave these gorgeous pastel napkins by Susan E. Horton on your rigid-heddle loom. In these napkins, Susan used an accent thread to separate and create stripes that started and stopped in holes, giving an uneven number of threads per stripe and allowing her to center the pick-up pattern within the stripes.

STRUCTURE Plain weave with pick-up.

EQUIPMENT Rigid-heddle loom, 22" weaving width; 12-dent rigid heddle; 2 stick shuttles; 2 pick-up sticks.

DIMENSIONS Woven length 18" × 18".

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