City Sunset Scarf

Project Type Scarves/Shawls
Categories Rigid-Heddle
Techniques Clasped Weft or Warp
Heddle Width 12
Author Anne Merrow
Format Project/Pattern

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It is a universally accepted truth that silk goes with everything, and this tussah silk scarf is no exception. Pair it with jeans for a casual dinner with friends or wear it with a little black dress to the theater—you’ll look good either way.

Tussah silk is crisper, toothier, and more matte than its bombyx cousin. It’s easy to love the texture of the fiber, even more so with bright flecks of tweed. Although the yarn used for weft is considerably thinner than the lofty wool warp, it is almost balanced when used double as clasped weft. Clasped weft can be effective whether the design is precise or more free-form, allowing a perfect fit for the disposition of the weaver.

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