Easy Weaving with Little Looms Summer 2023

Project Type Toys/Stuffies, Home, Bags, Accessories, Bands, Scarves/Shawls, Rugs, Towels, Table Linens/Kitchen
Categories Rigid-Heddle, Pin Loom, Inkle, Tablet/Card, Tapestry
Techniques Plain Weave, Lace, Clasped Weft or Warp, Hand-Manipulated Techniques, Pick-Up, Twill, Color-and-Weave, Double Heddle
Heddle Width 12
Pin Loom Shape Square
Author Little Looms Editors
Format Magazine

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Cooking and weaving have much in common. Both use recipes with a list of “ingredients” and amounts, create something often more than the sum of its parts, and bring joy to the maker and recipient. In this issue, you’ll find projects that celebrate the intersection of food and weaving, including ice cream inspired rigid-heddle woven napkins, raffia coasters with matching snack mat, a sweet scarf designed to look like candy buttons, a zesty lemon kitchen pin-loom towel, a clever inkle coin purse perfect for the farmer’s market, and much more. We’re also going back to a childhood favorite with a section devoted to potholder looms. As it turns out, these simple looms are capable of weaving complex cloth!

Learn the basics of tablet weaving from John Mullarkey, including how to thread cards, warp your loom, read a draft, and weave basic design. Join Christine Jablonski as she explains the mathematical concepts behind the Fibonacci sequence, the Cantor set, and Pascal’s triangle and how they apply to weaving. Go on a hike with tapestry weaver extraordinaire Rebecca Mezoff as she writes about her method of weaving sketch tapestries to capture a moment in time.

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