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Skill Builders: Weaving Towels

Project Type Towels, Table Linens/Kitchen
Categories Rigid-Heddle
Author Little Looms Editors
Format Skill Guide

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Skill Building: Weaving Towels

There persists a myth about rigid-heddle looms: that while they’re great for weaving scarves and pieces with thick knitting and fashion yarns, one can’t weave fine fabrics using traditional weaving yarns on them.

Fortunately, weavers worldwide are proving this idea false by weaving beautiful, fine fabrics on these versatile little looms. Susan E. Horton is one such weaver. She designs gorgeous towels and napkins with all the drape and absorbency of a floor loom–woven towel but with much less time spent warping. Here are some of Susan’s notes on yarn and sett and a few gorgeous towel patterns to try.

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  • Using 8/2 cotton yarns
  • More yarn options
  • Weft yarn ideas
  • Towel tips
  • Projects to try

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