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Skill Guide: Knots for Weavers

Categories Rigid-Heddle, Pin Loom, Tapestry, Inkle, Tablet/Card
Author Little Looms Editors
Format Skill Guide

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Why Not Knots?

Knots are an important but often underappreciated part of weaving. We use knots to tie our warps to our looms, to tie string heddles, to tie two yarns together in the weft, and to fix broken warp threads. Choosing the right knot for the job is vital. Do you want a knot that will be easy to release or one that will stay in place? Do you want a knot that’s easy to tighten or one that won’t budge once it’s tied?

Certain knots will make your weaving life go a little smoother, including these knots. Practice them a few times before you need to use them, and before you know it, muscle memory will tell your hands what to do.

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  • Slipknot
  • Square knot
  • Lark's head knot
  • Weaver's knot
  • Projects to try
  • Next steps: level up

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