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Skill Guide: Weaving with Hemp

Categories Rigid-Heddle
Author Little Looms Editors
Format Skill Guide

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When I was in middle school, I remember in art class making macramé chokers using beads and scratchy hemp yarn. For many years, when I thought of hemp yarn, that’s what came to mind. Hemp yarn has come a long way since my middle-school days, and hemp and hemp blends designed for weavers and knitters are available. And boy, are they fantastic!

These days, when I think of hemp, I think of luxurious bast yarns on par with linen, perfect for towels, runners, placemats, and even clothes. If you’re unfamiliar with hemp yarns, this skill guide is an excellent introduction to this versatile fiber.

Contents include:

  • Reasons to use hemp yarn
  • Yarn of the hour
  • Weaving with hemp
  • Sizing yarn
  • Hemp yarn to try
  • Projects
  • Next steps: level up

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