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Take a tour of our website and learn about some of our new features and additions.

Little Looms Editors May 10, 2022 - 6 min read

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Welcome to Little Looms!

The team here at Long Thread Media is excited to introduce you to the Little Looms website. We’ve always been about community, and there’s never been a better time to create a home for small-loom weavers.

Before looking ahead, we’ll start by looking back to 2016, when the first issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms came out. Our premiere issue was the first of its kind dedicated to rigid-heddle and pin looms plus inkle, tablet, and even tapestry weaving.

Anne Merrow, our editor at the time, said it perfectly, "This magazine is designed for weavers at every level to find something new, whether it’s playing with color, trying out a new loom, or treating fabric in a new way."

Today we’ve continued to embrace the spirit of that first issue as we grow and expand the Little Looms brand. Now with our very own website, we’d like to take you on a virtual tour of new features, highlights, and helpful information, with even more to come!


1. Browse by Topics

Visit any of our topic pages to see content related to your chosen subject, including Rigid Heddle, Pin Loom, Tapestry, Inkle, and Tablet. You’ll notice these icons are similar to what you’ll find in the pages of Easy Weaving with Little Looms. Here they will help you identify each article’s main topic(s) as you browse. Any time you want to visit all articles on that topic, you can click the icon and navigate to the main category.

Find Topic Icons on Posts Throughout the WebsiteIcons found in our articles will help you identify each article’s main topic(s) as you browse.

2. We Think You’ll Like...

In this special section on the home page, you’ll find suggestions for related content and inspiration that we think you’ll enjoy. Check back often for new recommendations.

3. Curated from Handwoven

Our sister site Handwoven also has excellent content for small-loom weavers, and we’ll serve up curated suggestions based on your interests in this section on the home page. Our goal is to help you find even more inspiration and maybe something unexpected now and then.

3. Weekly Newsletter

Now arriving every week, our email newsletter can help you can stay up to date on all things small looms. Explore the latest weaving content, learn with new resources, and hear about special releases. Plus, get exclusive offers from Little Looms and our partners. With our newsletter, you can connect with the small-loom world for free in just a few minutes a week. Sign up at

4. Visit the Little Looms Shop

In addition to the core subjects of rigid-heddle and pin-loom weaving, the Little Looms shop also includes products about tapestry, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving, all in one place.

5. Getting Around

The links at the top of the page will help you navigate the site and to related websites, including the shop, course platform, and our sister brands Handwoven, Spin Off, and PieceWork.

Other Notes

These other essential pages will help you find answers to your questions or find more information:

  • Assistance is only a click away. Under Contact, you’ll find links to our FAQ/Help Center and contact information for our customer service team.

  • Learn about your options to subscribe to Easy Weaving with Little Looms.

  • Manage your magazine subscription or All Access program by going to Subscribers and clicking Manage Subscription, or you can contact our customer service team directly for support.

  • Open the Accessibility menu to find ways to improve your digital experience by clicking this icon near the bottom left corner of your screen. The location is shown here on the desktop (left) and mobile (right).

Accessibility icon location on the Little Looms websiteOpen the accessibility menu by clicking this icon near the bottom left corner of your screen.

Above all, we hope you’ll make yourself at home and enjoy exploring the joys of small looms with us. You might also enjoy reading this welcome message from our editor, Christina Garton.

If you have any ideas, tips, or suggestions, you can email us any time, and we hope you enjoy your new small-looms community site.

~ The Little Looms Team

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