Anne Merrow

Better with Bobbins: Why You Need a Bobbin Winder

I became a much happier rigid-heddle weaver when I borrowed a tool from floor loom weavers: a boat shuttle and bobbin. Here's how to wind one well.

Try Sizing On for Size

To use a softer yarn for warp, I turned to an old technique: applying a coating to minimize the effects of abrasion.

Sizing Up My Weaving

What would my sizing experiment look like after weaving & washing? Only a hot bath can tell...

Weave Krokbragd on an Inkle Loom (it's easy and delightful)

What's as easy as plain weave but makes intriguing patterns? An inkle weaving technique known as turned krokbragd.

The Magic of Doubleweave on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

You can add a second heddle and push the limits of rigid-heddle weaving, even creating twill and doubleweave on a rigid-heddle loom!

Rustic Southwest Towels

Growing up in southern Arizona, Jodi Ybarra loved rustic décor. Her Rustic Southwest Towels in earth-tone hues represent those rich colors of the desert.

Whip Stitch Tutorial

The whip stitch is a great way to join pieces of woven fabric together that creates a nearly invisible seam on the "right" side of the fabric.

Easy Weaving on Little Looms 2016

Check out Little Looms for some of our favorite things to make for yourself or for loved ones. Weaving is productive in the best sense, giving you something to show for your efforts.

Great Fun with Little Looms

Anne Merrow of Spin-Off magazine shares why little looms like rigid heddle, pin looms, and tapestry looms are perfect for yarn-lovers, beginners, and more!

Rigid-Heddle Looms for Everyone!

There’s no doubt that rigid-heddle looms offer lots of opportunities for beginning weavers, and so does this issue.