Christina Garton

Video Tip! Setting Yourself Up for Weaving Success

Whether you want to start your weaving journey with good habits or you want to learn some to incorporate into your weaving life, Sara Bixler’s got you covered.

Weaving for Thanksgiving

It’s almost October, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Here’s a list of a few projects perfect for decorating your home or giving as host gifts.

Tool Corner: Threading Hooks

Threading hooks might seem like simple tools, but finding the right one for you can make a difference in the efficiency and ergonomics of warping a rigid-heddle loom.

A Retreat for Small-Looms Lovers

Looking for a retreat for multi-shaft AND small-loom weavers alike? We've got the event for you!

Pin-Loom Shapes: The More, the Merrier!

Have your pin looms “mysteriously” multiplied? Here are a few ideas for combining different pin-loom shapes to create striking patterns.

Video Tip! Choosing Warp Yarns

Learn the easy way to figure out if a yarn will work for your warp on a rigid-heddle loom with this video tip from Sara Bixler.

All Access Exclusive

Try the Slit-Weft Technique—in a Scarf!

Get the details behind the design possibilities of the slit-weft technique, and All Access subscribers can download an exclusive scarf pattern to try out what they’ve learned.

Call for Submissions: Fall 2024—Best of Both Worlds

For Fall 2024, we’re looking for projects woven using yarn blends—any yarn blends!

Subscriber Exclusive

Clever Bags from Stash Cotton

Download this pattern from Barbara Nielsen that uses stash cotton in a clever way to create a one-of-a-kind colorful weft for a set of colorful bags.

What’s So Great about Fulling?

Have you ever wondered why we full wool fabrics? As it turns out, fulling is an important part of the finishing process.