Christina Garton

Spotlight on Sara Goldenberg White

From the pages of Handwoven’s fashion issue to the latest rigid-heddle course from Long Thread Media, Sara Goldenberg White is a woman of many talents.

Memory Aids and Weaving Pick-Up

My working memory is bad, so over the years I have developed methods to help me keep track of pick-up sequences.

Call for Submissions: Little Looms Fall 2023—It Takes Two

The Fall 2023 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms is all about the clever combinations you can make on or off the loom.

Beading Dos and Don’ts

Beads and weaving can be a match made in heaven if you know how to use the beads to your advantage.

Weaver’s Workshop: Weaving with Kids

It's summer time and if you've got small, wannabe weavers at home until school starts again, here are 6 tips for (mostly) frustration free weaving with kids.

It’s All About the Details

Sometimes it’s the smallest change that can make the biggest difference in a project. For that reason, the new Easy Weaving with Little Looms Fall 2022 issue is dedicated to details.

Project Spotlight: À La Carte Napkins

Want to learn how to weave lace on the rigid-heddle loom? These lace napkins are the perfect primer.

Lace Isn’t Finished Until It’s Wet-Finished

Woven lace often doesn’t look very lacy when it’s still on the loom—it takes the magic of wet-finishing to transform it into its final form.

A Fun Twist on Danish Medallions

Christine Jablonski introduces a fun twist on Danish medallions by using 1 weft yarn.

How to Weave Great Towels with a Rigid-Heddle Loom

On the rigid-heddle loom, Susan E. Horton designs gorgeous towels and napkins that have all the drape and absorbency of a floor loom–woven towel but with much less time spent warping.