Christina Garton

Techniques for Texture: Rya and Soumak

Rya and soumak are simple techniques that can add a powerful visual punch to your weaving. Learn how to use these two techniques in your weaving with some helpful (and free!) videos by Esther Rodgers.

Subscriber Exclusive

Bonus Project: Pin Loom–Woven Oru Roll

Learn how to weave and construct a pin loom–woven sushi roll with this Subscriber Exclusive project from Angela K. Schneider.

Spice Up Your Weaving with the Summer 2023 Issue of Little Looms

Take a quick tour of the Summer 2023 issue full of projects inspired by food and cooking.

Weaving with Raffia: Patio Party Mats

Using Margaret Stump’s project from the Summer 2023 issue as a guide, Christina pairs raffia with 3 different yarns to weave some cute coasters.

3-Step Mug Rugs on a Potholder Loom

Did you know you could weave mug rugs using a potholder loom? Read more to learn the 3-step technique!

Stress Free Pick-Up Sticks and String Heddle Setup

Find string heddles stressful? Pick-up sticks make you panicky? Sara Goldenberg White shows how easy it is to set up your rigid-heddle loom with both!

Little Looms at a Whole New Level

Learn all about the new All Access subscription from Easy Weaving with Little Looms, where you’ll have hundreds of projects, books, and videos at your fingertips!

Variable Dent Reeds: What Are They?

Every wondered what a variable dent reed was and how it can be used in weaving on the rigid-heddle loom? Learn more about these versatile tools here!

Project Spotlight: Plumeria Plant Hanger

This incredible tablet-woven plant hanger only looks complicated, making it a great project for card weaving newbies!

Call for Submissions: Spring 2024—Hip To Be Square

Let’s celebrate the beauty of the right angle with the Spring 2024 issue. Learn more about how you can send in a proposal!