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Make Pin-Loom Rectangles from Squares

What do you do when you need pin-loom rectangles but have only a square loom? Here’s the simple answer, plus other modifications for this pin-loom project.

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6 More Ideas to Take You Beyond "Plain" Weave

Think plain weave is boring? Think again! By adding in interesting textured yarns, color-and-weave patterns, and the like help ensure your plain weave will be anything but plain.

Anything But Plain Weave: Color-and-Weave

Take color-and-weave to the next level by playing with pattern and contrast. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Little Looms Indexes

These are the indexes for all Little Looms magazines, from 2016-2021. Find specific patterns, designers, techniques, and more right here.

Weave the Vientiane Scarf

Marilyn Murphy's Vientiane Scarf uses clasped weft to create pattern on a rigid heddle loom.

Stripes and Blocks Kitchen Towels

Susan E. Horton's Stripes and Blocks Kitchen Towels are a great way to learn inlay on the rigid-heddle loom.