Pin Loom

Pin looms are one of the most accessible and portable looms available to weavers. They come in many shapes and sizes, including squares, rectangles, and even hearts, triangles, and hexagons. Most weavers will end up with multiple pin looms to achieve different shapes, but the 4" square loom is a great place to begin. Just remember that the loom you use will determine the woven fabric pieces you can make with it.

In this category, we've gathered a selection of pin-loom articles, projects, and patterns for you to enjoy.

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10 Playful Pin-Loom Projects: New eBook!

Weave your way through pin-loom projects from all 4 of Long Thread Media’s titles with this brand-new eBook.

Pin Loom Journeys & Woven Memories

As far back as Stefanie can remember, the end of summer meant packing up the minivan to spend a week traveling around North America. Now she uses pin-loom squares to create woven memories of her travels.

Pin Loom Baking

I love how baking is like weaving—simply by combining the same ingredients in different ways you can create wonderful things.

It Takes Two to Make the Fall 2023 Issue

Learn to mix and match techniques with this issue dedicated to combining weaving and fiber techniques.

Blanket-Stitch Basics

Learn everything you need to know about the blanket stitch: What it's used for and how to do this fun and versatile stitch.

Video! Designing Pin-Loom Projects for Handspun

In this video, John Mullarkey shows how he uses handspun on his pin loom.

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Tutorial: Continuous-Strand Weaving

Learn the basics of using the continuous strand–weaving method on a pin loom with this subscriber exclusive and then practice the technique with a free bonus project!

Ingenious Pin Looms

I have decided to add pin looms to my list of unanswerable questions: Why didn’t I discover them sooner? They are a simple and ingenious way to teach weaving concepts.

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Get Ready for Some Gnome Cooking!

Every home chef and baker needs this playful pin-loom gnome.

Call for Submissions: Summer 2024—Blast from the Past!

Let's get Medieval, Easy Weaving with Little Looms Style!