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Tutorial: Continuous-Strand Weaving

Learn the basics of using the continuous strand–weaving method on a pin loom with this subscriber exclusive and then practice the technique with a free bonus project!

Jennifer Chapman , Christina Garton Jun 1, 2023 - 4 min read

Tutorial: Continuous-Strand Weaving Primary Image

Ebb and Flow Pillow by Kay Meadors. Photo by Matt Graves

Continuous-strand weaving, sometimes called bias weaving, is a great technique for weaving on your pin loom. While there are ways you can use this method on looms with the 3-pin configuration, you’ll usually see it done on pin looms with equidistant pins. With this method, you warp and weave at the same time.

If that sounds confusing, never fear! In this exclusive article for subscribers, we have instructions for weaving using the continuous-strand method from an article by Jennifer Chapman. And, we also have a free project download for the Ebb and Flow Pillow by Kay Meadors. This gorgeous pillow gets its painterly color changes within each square by weaving with a variegated yarn using the continuous-strand method. Click here for a free subscriber-exclusive download and read on for Jennifer's article on how to use continuous-strand weaving on a pin loom. —Christina

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