Christina Garton

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Tutorial: Continuous-Strand Weaving

Learn the basics of using the continuous strand–weaving method on a pin loom with this subscriber exclusive and then practice the technique with a free bonus project!

Weave a Band Using a Rigid Heddle

Rigid heddles are wonderful tools for bandweaving, once you know how to use them. Watch an exclusive video featuring Spin Off’s Kate Larson to learn how to warp and weave on a rigid heddle, no loom required!

Pick-Up Sticks: Small Changes, Big Possibilities

One of the many benefits of weaving with pick-up sticks is being able to change your pattern on a whim. Here’s one project that uses pick-up sticks to create 3 different towels.

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Get Ready for Some Gnome Cooking!

Every home chef and baker needs this playful pin-loom gnome.

Call for Submissions: Summer 2024—Blast from the Past!

Let's get Medieval, Easy Weaving with Little Looms Style!

Clasped-Weft Weaving 2 Ways!

Learn the 2 clasped weft techniques, how they differ, and what each means for your final cloth.

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Bonus Project! Striped Napkins with Pick-Up

Get all the information you need to weave these gorgeous pastel napkins by Susan E. Horton on your rigid-heddle loom. They’re the perfect spring weaving project!

Rigid-Heddle Twill 101: It’s Not as Hard as You Might Think!

Learn why weavers love twill and what makes it a great weave for the rigid-heddle loom.

How to Read a Simple Inkle Draft

Ready to get started with your inkle loom? Here’s how to read basic drafts.

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A Treasury of 10 Rigid-Heddle Designs: New eBook

Weave your way through Long Thread Media’s NEW rigid-heddle eBook! It features favorite projects from Handwoven, Spin-Off, and (of course) Easy Weaving with Little Looms!