Christina Garton

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Subscriber Bonus: Touch of Terra-Cotta Pattern

If you liked Alison Irwin’s sweet Baltic pick-up bracelets from the Fall 2024 issue, you’ll love this third variation on her pattern.

Get a Holiday Head Start in July

Don’t wait for the holiday season to weave for Thanksgiving and beyond! Start weaving now while it’s too hot to go outside, and you’ll be ready to go once it’s finally October.

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Mug Rugs to Make: New eBook with 7 Projects!

With this brand-new eBook, weave up some mug rugs to brighten up your table with these projects from three of Long Thread Media’s magazines.

Weaving and Watching: The Olympics

The Olympics are more than fun sporting events—they’re also the perfect time to weave!

Discover the Best of Blends with Fall 2024

The Fall 2024 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms is all about the ways in which weavers mix and match yarns and fibers.

Rigid-Heddle Myths Busted

Christina talks about some of the myths surrounding rigid-heddle looms and explains why these simple looms aren't just for beginners.

Five Questions with Aarthi Neelakrishnan

Learn a bit more about weaver and designer Aarthi Neelakrishnan, including why she loves weaving diversified plain weave on a rigid-heddle loom.

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Krokbragd on the Rigid-Heddle Loom 2 Ways

Did you know there were two methods for weaving krokbragd on the rigid-heddle loom? Learn from Kelly Casanova the different ways you can weave this versatile weave structure on a rigid-heddle loom.

Mastering the Master Yarn Chart

Did you know there is a guide to weaving yarns—complete with photos, setts, and other information? Learn more about the Master Yarn Chart and how to use it.

Joining Pin-Loom Pieces on the Loom

Joining pin-loom pieces together during weaving is quick, easy, and results in a beautiful finish.

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