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Get Ready for Some Gnome Cooking!

Every home chef and baker needs this playful pin-loom gnome.

Christina Garton May 10, 2023 - 3 min read

Get Ready for Some Gnome Cooking! Primary Image

Gnome Cooking by Deborah Bagley. Photo credit: Matt Graves

Back in 2022, I emailed Deborah Bagley to see whether she would mind weaving us some gnomes for the Spring 2022 issue. The theme was “New Beginnings,” which made me think of flowers and gardens, and what garden is complete without a garden gnome? Not only did Deborah agree to my challenge, but she went above and beyond with her completely adorable Spring Gnomes.

Spring Gnomes by Deborah BagleyDeborah's cheerful Spring Gnomes from Easy Weaving with Little Looms Spring 2022.

Fast-forward give-or-take a year, and I see a new gnomish face amid the Summer 2023 project proposals—this one outfitted in chef gear complete with tiny hat. The construction of this chef gnome is similar to his springtime kin with a few small differences. Instead of a floral hat, the chef has a proper toque. As with any good baker, the chef is also wearing an apron and carrying a towel on his arm.

Small details take this pin-loom gnome to the next level.

For her version, Deborah attached a tiny paper platter with an equally tiny clay cherry dessert to the hand of his towel-clad arm. If you don’t happen to have a miniature clay pastry readily available, I think you could have some great fun with a replacement. Some ideas include a small plastic or metal tray for holding rings, a small felted cupcake, or a tiny pin-loom baguette made with a thin rectangle.

As much as I loved this little gnomish gourmand, I knew deep in my heart of hearts I could not have another gnome in the pages of Easy Weaving with Little Looms so soon after the first. I also knew that I couldn’t not share this fabulous chef with our readers. I came up with a compromise. While the chef couldn’t be in the magazine, I’m so excited to share this pattern with our All Access subscribers. Not an All Access subscriber? Learn more about all the perks.

For current Little Looms All Access subscribers getting the full PDF for the project is as easy as clicking right here to instantly download the project PDF. In it you'll find step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations for weaving and contructing your very own kitchen gnome. (And if you want to weave the original version, you can find the PDF for the Spring Gnomes right [here.] ( I hope you love this little chef as much as I do and if you weave your own, I'd love to see it! In fact, I'd love to see more gnome variations as well--perhaps a weaverly gnome with a tiny shuttle and skein of yarn?

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