Weave Without Worry

Build your skills, learn a new technique, or do both at Weave Together with Handwoven this coming February.

Christina Garton Oct 3, 2023 - 3 min read

Weave Without Worry  Primary Image

If you don’t want to lug your rigid-heddle loom to Colorado for Weave Together, don’t worry! Just let us know ahead of time, and we can help you out! Photo credit: George Boe

I love trying new foods and restaurants, but always find it frustrating when I’m limited to a single dish. I just want to sample everything to see whether I like it—and I don’t want to get stuck with a giant plate of it if it turns out I don’t love biryani (although, of course, I do love biryani). I feel the same way about learning new skills. A week-long class is grand, if it’s a technique and/or teacher I know I’ll like, but what if I just want to try it out? What if I don’t want to limit myself to what I know? That’s why I am absolutely in love with the class lineup for the Weave Together with Handwoven event this comng February 25–29 in Loveland, Colorado.

The way we designed this retreat is to have a multitude of advanced classes, ones that are for mixed skills, and classes that are beginner-friendly. That way folks can improve their skills in something they know and love and then also try a new technique or two along the way.


Weave a set of shoelaces with John Mullarkey at Weave Together with Handwoven in a class for every level of tablet weaver. Photo credit: Matt Graves

“What about looms and other equipment?” I hear some of you ask. In the case of large equipment such as looms and the associated accessories (shuttles, bobbins, etc.), we’ll have items available to rent. That way, if you don’t have an inkle loom and don’t want to buy one (or you do have one and simply don’t want to lug it to Colorado), you’ll be able to rent a loom and associated shuttle so you can weave bands with Angela Schneider or maybe some shoelaces with John Mullarkey.

In some other cases, the teacher will include the equipment as part of the class—you won’t need to buy a weaving sword if you don’t already have one to take Sara Goldenberg White’s class on warp-faced weaving or a rigid heddle if you’re curious about Kate Larson’s class on backstrap weaving with a rigid heddle. The same is true for the non-beginner classes. If you’re a rigid-heddle or multi-shaft-loom weaver, you can rent equipment at the event, worry-free.

Much like my favorite Indian buffet, Weave Together with Handwoven provides you with the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of subjects you know you love while also getting the chance to try a taste (or two) of something new.

I hope to see you in Loveland!