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Inventive Inkle Weaving

Explore the versatility of inkle weaving with our new eBook, 10 Favorite Inkle Projects: A Treasury of Designs from Long Thread Media.

Christina Garton Dec 28, 2023 - 3 min read

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The Fiddler on the Beach camera strap by Laia Robichaux from the Spring 2022 issue of Little Looms. Photo credit: Matt Graves

One of the delights of working on Easy Weaving with Little Looms is seeing the many different uses for inkle bands. I can’t overstate the ingenuity of bandweavers; they find so many new ways to use their beautiful bands. In my seven years of working on Little Looms (and twelve years at Handwoven), I’ve seen the expected and the inventive, and I’m sure I haven’t seen even half of what’s possible.

In celebration of the inkle loom and all that can be done with inkle bands, we’ve put together a new eBook featuring ten bandweaving projects from three magazines: Spin Off, Handwoven, and, of course, Easy Weaving with Little Looms. Titled 10 Favorite Inkle Projects, this new eBook includes designs for just about every level of bandweaver, ranging from simple plain weave to more complex pick-up designs.

Tropical Sands Flip-Flops by Jennifer B. Williams. Photo by George BoeJennifer B. Williams used a sea-inspired inkle band for her Tropical Sands Flip Flops. Photo credit: George Boe.

Another delightful aspect of bandweaving is the ability to mix and match patterns to projects. If you fall in love with the bands used for the Tropical Sands Flip Flops, but don’t love shoes that go between your toes (guilty), you can take that same band and turn it into a dog collar or a camera strap. Sometimes you might need to modify a band to be wider or narrower, but, on the whole, it’s easy to substitute one inkle band for another.

Best of all? This eBook is absolutely free to All Access subscribers. Log in below to access the download or check it out in our library. (Not an All Access subscriber? Learn more about the program here.)

Whether you weave the projects as written or use them as inspiration for your own designs, I hope you use this book to weave something wonderful.

Happy Weaving!

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I hope you enjoy exploring all the different uses of inkle bands as much as I did. Download the eBook here to get started.

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