Tutorial: Make a Simple Pin-Loom Flower

Making a flower using pin-loom squares is both easy and fun. Learn how with this free step-by-step video.

Christina Garton Dec 20, 2022 - 3 min read

Tutorial: Make a Simple Pin-Loom Flower  Primary Image

Angela’s pin loom–woven flower. Photo credit: Tiffany Warble

When I first learned how to make a flower using a few pin-loom squares, it felt magical. You start with this flat, square piece of fabric and in just a few simple steps, voilà! You have yourself a 3-dimensional flower! Add a few more squares using the same technique, and suddenly your flower has layers or leaves or both. A button, bead, or even a bit of embroidery can add even more.

If you have a stack of pin-loom squares sitting around somewhere—maybe samples you’ve woven but haven’t had the heart to throw away or extras from a project you didn’t end up needing—consider turning them into flowers. Don’t know how? Well, here’s a video of our amazing project editor Angela K. Schneider showing step by step how to make a 2-layer flower. All you’ll need are the following supplies:

• 2 finished pin-loom squares (2" squares shown)
• Crochet hook or latch hook
• Bead for center (optional)
• Needle and heavy thread (Angela used 10/2 cotton)

Once you start making pin-loom flowers, just be warned it can be hard to stop, but fortunately you can turn them into all sorts of fun accessories and embellishments. Add a jewelry-back pin or hair clip to the flower to create something to wear on your person. They’re adorable as present toppers and make fun decorations for around the house.

Margaret Stump’s wreath uses pin loom–woven flowers to create a beautiful bit of decor. Photo credit: Matt Graves

You can even weave up a collection in different shapes and sizes and turn them into a wreath like Margaret Stump did in her Spring into Summer Wreath from the Spring 2022 issue. Taking the same premise and making a corsage would be gorgeous! Honestly, the possibilities are endless, and as I write this, I’m on the verge of taking out my pin loom and making a few dozen just so I can try it out.

I hope you enjoy this video and weave up your own beautiful bouquet of handwoven pin-loom flowers.

Happy Weaving!