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Mug Rugs to Make: New eBook with 7 Projects!

With this brand-new eBook, weave up some mug rugs to brighten up your table with these projects from three of Long Thread Media’s magazines.

Christina Garton Jun 27, 2024 - 3 min read

Mug Rugs to Make: New eBook with 7 Projects! Primary Image

Reader’s Friend Mug Rugs by Christine Jablonski. Photo by Matt Graves

I will be honest. I don’t think I heard the phrase “mug rug” until I started working for Handwoven almost 15 years ago. Before then, anything you’d put under a drink was a coaster, no matter the material. Now, of course, I both love the term mug rug and weaving mug rugs.

Mug rugs are the ideal starter project. Notice I didn’t say beginner project, although they are that, too. Because of their size, mug rugs are the ideal way to try out new structures or techniques. Want to weave krokbragd on the rigid-heddle loom but don’t want to do anything too big for your first go around? Weave a mug rug. Want to try some pick-up techniques on the pin loom? Turn those bad boys into mug rugs. You can treat them like mini samplers as you explore more techniques.

Scandinavian Stardust Doilies by Edith van Tassell. Photo by Matt GravesScandinavian Stardust Doilies by Edith van Tassell. Photo by George Boe.

Looking for a quick and easy gift? Once again, the answer is mug rugs. If you’re weaving them on a rigid-heddle loom, warping and weaving is quick and easy. If you’re weaving mug rugs on a pin loom, weaving is even faster. Have a small amount of handspun—too small to do much with? I think you know what I’m going to suggest.

So naturally when trying to decide on a theme for our new All-Access Subscriber-exclusive eBook, I went with mug rugs. (Not an All-Access Subcriber? Learn more about the program and benefits here.) After searching through not just Little Looms, but also Handwoven and Spin Off, I found seven fabulous mug-rug projects for the rigid-heddle and pin loom. The projects span a plethora of interesting techniques: krokbragd, color-and-weave, pick-up and, yes, even rep weave for the rigid-heddle loom. Of course, for those who want a quick and easy-peasy project, we’ve got some gorgeous plain-weave options as well.

I hope you enjoy this new eBook. I know I had a blast putting it together!

Happy Weaving!

Mug Rugs to Make: 7 Weaving Projects to Brighten Your Table

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