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Showcasing Soft, Shimmering Silk

Like silk? Well then, you’ll love our new eBook, Sensational Silk, free to All Access subscribers.

Christina Garton Nov 23, 2023 - 3 min read

Showcasing Soft, Shimmering Silk Primary Image

Jennifer B. Williams’ Relaxation Eye Cover is just one of three small-loom projects in the new silk eBook. Photos by Matt Graves

I love silk, and it’s one of my favorite fibers with which to weave. Yes, it can be slippery, but that requires only a slight adjustment when warping. The rest of the weaving experience is a just a delight. The strong fibers hold up well as warp, and there’s really nothing like watching the shimmery, shiny fabric build with each weft pick.

Meghalaya Scarf by Shilpa NagarkarThe rigid-heddle-woven Meghalaya Scarf by Shilpa Nagarkar is also featured in the Sensational Silk eBook.

The other editors here at Long Thread Media also love silk, so for our All Access subscriber bonus, we put together a new cross-title eBook, Sensational Silk: Weave, Knit, Crochet, and Embroider with One of Nature’s Luxuries. We, the editors, found 12 different articles and projects, all highlighting silk, including three from Easy Weaving with Little Looms (two rigid-heddle and one inkle). Along with those small-loom projects, you’ll find articles about silk production, both historic and modern, and projects for multi-shaft looms, crochet, knitting, and embroidery. This eBook is absolutely free to All Acess subscribers. (Not an All Access subscriber? Learn more about the program here.)

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