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Pick It Up: Learn Patterning for 2 Pick-Up Sticks

Sara Goldenberg White shares her tips, tricks, and best practices for using 2 pick-up sticks on the rigid-heddle loom.

Christina Garton Nov 15, 2022 - 3 min read

Pick It Up: Learn Patterning for 2 Pick-Up Sticks Primary Image

Photo from Pick-Up Stick Basics and Beyond course.

Once you get the hang of weaving with 1 pick-up stick, adding a second to the mix is a great next step. It gives you the ability to weave more complex patterns and take your loom further. It also might sound a bit confusing. How do you juggle 2 pick-up sticks without mixing them up or having one interefere with another? Won’t it be a bother to have 2 in such a small area? Well fortunately for us all, Sara Goldenberg White once again shares her tips, tricks, and best practices on using 2 pick-up sticks.

Sara’s calm demeanor is instantly soothing. As she walks the viewer step-by-step through reading and weaving a 2 pick-up stick pattern, it suddenly doesn’t seem as convoluted. In fact, it all makes perfect sense as to how you can balance 2 pick-up sticks in 1 warp once you’ve watched Sara do it. Even the task of removing and reinserting the second pick-up stick multiple times doesn’t seem so daunting once Sara demonstrates how quick and easy it is. Phew!

Want to know more? Subscribers can log in and watch this incredible 12-minute clip from Sara’s video Pick-Up Stick Basics and Beyond where she breaks down weaving with 2 pick-up sticks in a way that just makes sense.

Then, practice your new skills with the the free pattern PDF for Sara’s Squiggle Shawl and get weaving right away!

Pick-Up Stick Video + Pattern

Here's the clip from Sara’s course on working with 2 pick-up sticks:

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