Stress Free Pick-Up Sticks and String Heddle Setup

Find string heddles stressful? Pick-up sticks make you panicky? Sara Goldenberg White shows how easy it is to set up your rigid-heddle loom with both!

Christina Garton Mar 9, 2023 - 2 min read

Stress Free Pick-Up Sticks and String Heddle Setup Primary Image

Sara Goldenberg White. Photo by Tiffany Warble

The first weave structure I really and truly fell in love with was twill. Working on a floor loom, I wove dozens of twill towels and scarves. When I learned you could weave twill on the rigid-heddle loom, I was hesitant. I imagined having to change out multiple pick-up sticks and tangled string heddles. As it turns out, weaving twill on a rigid-heddle loom isn’t all that difficult. Setting up the loom takes a couple extra steps and still manages to feel like less work than warping a floor loom.

Don’t believe me? Check out this short video clip from Sara Goldenberg White from her new video course, Twill on the Rigid-Heddle Loom. In it, Sara demonstrates how easy it is to get your pick-up sticks and string heddles ready for weaving twill. Then, once your loom is set up, you’re ready to go!

Having warped a 4-shaft loom multiple times for twill and dealt with all the resulting backaches and stress, I can tell you that warping a rigid-heddle loom for twill looks much, much easier (and much friendlier on the back!).

In her course, Sara also shows how to warp your loom for weaving with 2 heddles and how to manage your rigid heddles, the string heddles, and the pick-up stick as you weave diagonals, zigzags, and diamonds.

You’ll learn how to read twill drafts and translate them for the rigid-heddle loom, how to set up your loom, and more! If you’ve also been curious about weaving twill on a rigid-heddle loom but figured it was too complicated for mere mortals, please check out Sara’s course.

Happy Weaving,