Take a Sneak Peek: 2024 Editorial Calendar!

What does 2024 have in store for Easy Weaving with Little Looms? Find out with this sneak peek at the new editorial calendar!

Christina Garton Jan 31, 2023 - 4 min read

Take a Sneak Peek: 2024 Editorial Calendar! Primary Image

Photo Credit: Social Cut on Unsplash

Though it’s been 2023 for only a few weeks now, my head is already partially in 2024. After weeks of planning, we’ve finally decided on the themes for the 4 issues for Little Looms 2024. I realize I say this every year, but I am once again very excited to give you all a little sneak peek into what we have in store.

First off for our Spring 2024 issue, we chose the theme Hip to be Square. In weaving, we often try to find methods to create curves and circles. This issue flies in opposition to that idea by celebrating the right angle. We’re not just looking for rectangular projects, but projects that show off squares and rectangles: think plaids, checks, stripes, square areas of pick-up, and more!

Celebration Napkins by Susan E. Horton. Photo by Matt GravesThe Celebration Napkins by Susan E. Horton feature squares on squares on squares! Photo credit: Matt Graves

For Summer 2024 the theme Blast from the Past asks weavers to look back—way back—to the Middle Ages. We’re looking for projects inspired by the art, literature, people, and (of course) textiles from around 500 CE to 1500 CE. Though the Middle Ages are often associated with Europe, this issue’s focus is wider. The Medieval period was a time of beautiful art, literature, and weaving all around the world—we’d love to see pieces inspired by Indian paintings, Japanese samurai armor, Viking tablet weaving, and pre-Columbian textiles of the Inca Empire.

We’re celebrating the Best of Both Worlds with the Fall 2024 issue dedicated to blends. In the best yarn blends, the qualities we love about each yarn are enhanced by one another. For example, cottolins provide the thirstiness of cotton and the strength of linen, and wool/silks are soft and cozy with just a hint of beautiful sheen. We want to fill this issue with projects that celebrate the beauty of the blend.

Finally, to end the year for the Winter 2024 issue, you’ll want to visit your favorite art museum or gallery as we look at The Art of Weaving. We’ll be looking for projects inspired by specific works of art as well as by other artistic mediums. Think pick-up made to look like impasto or a tapestry inspired by Rothko, a set of Mondrian-ish mug rugs or a pin-loom table topper designed to look like a Middle Eastern mosaic.

While it might seem like 2024 is still very far away, I know I’m already looking forward to the weaving it brings. I hope these themes inspire you to propose a project whether your work has been featured in multiple issues or you’ve yet to even try proposing a project to Little Looms. We’d love to see what you make!

Happy Weaving,