Too Much of a Good Thing Isn’t a Thing in Weaving

Why having "too much" yarn can be a good thing.

Susan E. Horton Jul 11, 2024 - 3 min read

Too Much of a Good Thing Isn’t a Thing in Weaving Primary Image

Two Sweet Blue Towels by Jenny Sennott. Photo by George Boe

There is value in having a large selection of yarns to choose from when the weft you were so, so sure was the right one isn’t. I get nervous when what I consider my backup colors in certain yarns (read: 8/2 cotton) start to run low, or even run out. That said, I also like a project that doesn’t require a shelf of its own in my closet. Jenny Sennott’s Two Savory Towels and Two Sweet Blue Towels for the rigid-heddle loom fit that description.

Two Savory Towels

Two Savory Towels by Jenny Sennott, Handwoven November/December 2017

The Two Savory Towels for the Rigid-Heddle Loom were featured on the cover of Handwoven November/December 2017. They are gorgeous in Dragon Tale 4/2 cotton yarn in the colors Curry, Autumn Spice, and Burgundy. With those towels still on our minds, we asked Jenny to redesign them with a new palette for Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2018. She did a wonderful job, choosing a blue colorway for the Two Sweet Blue Towels. Now we’re debating which ones we like best.

Towel #1 of the Two Savory Towels Kit

Towel #1 of the Two Savory Towels

As their names suggest, the yarn colors of the Two Savory Towels evoke spices and warmth, whereas the cooler blue palette of the Two Sweet Blue Towels brings to mind ice cream, cool drinks, and light meals in summer. Both towels are great projects for beginning rigid-heddle weavers who want to learn pick-up, or for experienced weavers who want to review their pick-up skills. The first towel in each set uses one pick-up stick in an easy-to-remember repetitive pattern; a second pick-up stick is added for the second towel. The pattern for that towel is slightly more complex but still easy enough to master after you’ve been through the steps a few times.

Towel #2 of the Two Sweet Blue Towels Set

Towel #2 of the Two Sweet Blue Towels Set

When you are done with either, you will have a set of two beautiful and functional towels that coordinate perfectly but have slightly different patterning. What you won’t have is a lot of random yarn to add to your stash.

Can’t decide which colorway you like best? Try both. There is no such thing as too many handwoven towels . . . or cones of 8/2 cotton.

Weave well,


Originally published 4/30/2018; updated July 11, 2024