Susan E. Horton

Too Much of a Good Thing Isn’t a Thing in Weaving

Why having "too much" yarn can be a good thing.

Make A Shiver of Sharks with this Pin Loom Design

Get ready for Shark Week 2024 with this fabulous pin-loom project.

Summer Means Backyard Dyeing

Playing with safe and easy mud dye seems like the perfect summer activity.

Pin-Loom Blooms: Magnolia Ornaments to Weave

You can create pin-loom flowers for any season with a few squares.

Corn Pasta on My Loom

I’ve been getting restless, which may explain some of my culinary and weaving experiments. Some of which have been less than successful.

Creating Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated.

There is always time to learn and create, even if it’s only minutes a day.

The Low-Stress Guide to Weaving Gifts

Want to avoid giving someone two skeins of yarn and telling the recipient it will be a scarf . . . one day? Here are our tips for gift planning.

The Glamp Shawl: Is It a Blanket Scarf?

I’ve been traveling a lot this fall, and the fashion trend I’ve noticed in airports and around town on brisk days is the blanket scarf. Recently, I even stalked a woman wearing one at Denver International Airport.

Fearless Weaving

I’ve seen fear of failure paralyze would-be weavers. I recently chimed in on a Facebook post by someone seeking advice on getting started on a rigid-heddle loom. While everyone else suggested baby steps, my advice was to grab yarn and jump in feet first.

Tranquil Waters Spa Mitts

Learn the inspiration for these clever rigid-heddle woven exfoliating mitts—and get the details on where to find the pattern!

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