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Weave a Pin-Loom Paper Airplanes Poncho

This beautiful poncho was originally published in Handwoven, but now it’s available as a free download to Easy Weaving with LIttle Looms subscribers. Learn more about the project here!

Christina Garton Apr 30, 2024 - 3 min read

Weave a Pin-Loom Paper Airplanes Poncho Primary Image

Jennifer Chapman’s Paper Airplanes Poncho. Photos by Matt Graves

One of the many delights of working on our sister magazine, Handwoven, is getting to see the small-loom projects published within those pages. Typically each issue of Handwoven includes at least one or two of these projects, and they’re always so good I often contemplate making a case for why they should be in Easy Weaving with Little Looms instead, pretty please. A recent example is Jennifer Chapman’s Paper Airplanes Poncho from the Spring 2024 issue.

I love how playful this poncho is. The use of triangle pin-loom pieces cleverly evokes images of paper airplanes sailing through the sky (or classroom). While the inspiration might be associated with childhood, this poncho is far from childish. The sophisticated palette of cool blues, charcoal, and yellow-green makes this appropriate for those of us who are simply young at heart.

Meticulous joins in this pin-loom poncho elevate the finished project even more.

The poncho is also a great beginner project for anyone who wants to make a garment that requires minimal sewing and no cutting of woven cloth. Triangles are combined to make four larger square panels that are then joined together to form the poncho. Jennifer uses crochet for all her joins, but double overcast would work, too, although you won’t get the ridged effect. The fully joined poncho is then finished with a crochet trim that also serves to create a more thoughtfully shaped neck. Sizing the poncho up or down is also a cinch—simply add or subtract rows as needed.

Why am I speaking so poetically of a Handwoven project, even if it is for the pin-loom? Because it’s this month’s subscriber bonus! Easy Weaving with Little Looms subscribers can get a free download of this beautiful project, previously available only to Handwoven readers and subscribers. (Not a Little Looms subscriber? Find out more information about subscription plans here.)

I hope you all love this project as much as I do. It’s always wonderful to see pin-loom weaving represented in Handwoven—and it’s even better when I get to share it with you!

Happy Weaving,


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