Weaving Resolutions for 2024

Christina shares her nontraditional weaving resolution for the year.

Christina Garton Jan 9, 2024 - 3 min read

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I’m not a big fan of typical New Year’s resolutions. I think all too often we view resolutions as a way to fix a perceived problem when, in reality, they can be fun! I had a friend who made a resolution to say hello to every dog they met while on walks in the park. Not only did they keep their resolution, but they also had a delightful year and met many wonderful dogs (and their owners). So if you’re thinking of making some weaving resolutions, I suggest keeping it fun, or at least positive.

For example, my weaving resolution this year is simple. I’m going to give myself permission to take time out of my schedule to play with my looms and fiber tools.

I often feel guilty for the time I take out of my life for myself. With two children who are often more like tiny tornadoes, it’s hard to sit down and play with yarn when I know there are toys to pick up and laundry to do. Why should I get to pick up my pompom maker (which is still in the box) and play when there’s work to do?

This year, Christina is going to spend more time with all her small looms—including her potholder loom. Photo by Christina Garton

As a result, I’m often burned out because I focus too much on the work that needs to be done around me rather than the work I need to do within me. In the same way that it’s not good to neglect your body through inactivity, it’s also bad to neglect your brain through lack of creativity. So this year, I’m giving myself permission to take one evening a week to ignore all but my required household closing duties (wash dishes, clean counters, and make next-day lunches) and focus my small amount of free time on creation. It might not seem like much, but to me it’s a big deal.

Next year I might make a more specific goal to weave one new item a week or to take on specific skills, but until then, I’m going to rediscover my joy in creating without a goal in mind.

What are your weaving resolutions for 2024?

Happy Weaving!