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Gear Guide: Pin Loom

A pin loom is a sweet and simple way to make cloth. The shape and size of the loom determine what you can make with it—a creative challenge to weavers to transform small pieces of fabric into inventive and sometimes three-dimensional weavings.

Crochet and Knitting Abbreviations

Common crochet and knitting abbreviations.

Free Tapestry Weaving Projects and Guides

If you want to jump into tapestry weaving and don't know where to start, this FREE guide to tapestry weaving—with 3 free projects!—is the perfect jumping off point.

Ultimate Guide to Inkle Loom Weaving with Free Projects

Inkle loom weaving is easier than you think and is a great way to start weaving for beginners especially with this FREE guide and 5 free weaving projects.

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