Weaving in Color: Color Theory Basics

Red and yellow make orange; yellow and blue make green. But when it comes to weaving, the rules change.

Color-and-Weave: Small Changes Make a Big Impact

Christina compares 3 different color-and-weave projects, each of which add a new spin to log cabin.

6 More Ideas to Take You Beyond "Plain" Weave

Think plain weave is boring? Think again! By adding in interesting textured yarns, color-and-weave patterns, and the like help ensure your plain weave will be anything but plain.

Anything But Plain Weave: Color-and-Weave

Take color-and-weave to the next level by playing with pattern and contrast. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Weaving While Watching Sara Bixler

Sometimes what you get from a course isn’t part of the course.

Quick Tip for Seamlessly Joining Wefts by Reducing Plies

Adding a new weft doesn’t have to be a bulky affair. Whether you’re changing colors or just changing bobbins, using the ply-reduction method will give you a seamless join.

Sara Bixler, an Inspired Weaver

Sara Bixler has been one of our cherished contributors for a while, and there are very good reasons for that.

How Big Should Your Napkin Be?

Christina discusses the different types of napkins and their sizes.

Pinning Down 2021

Christina reflects on 2021 and how she learned to stop worrying and start pin-loom weaving.

Magnolia Ornaments

Weave a few squares, do a bit of crafting, and create flowers for any season.