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Sangria Sunset Scarf

Project Type Scarves/Shawls, Accessories
Categories Rigid-Heddle
Techniques Plain Weave
Heddle Width 11
Author Judy Pagels
Format Project/Pattern

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Designer Judy Pagels felt inspired to create a scarf that strayed from the traditional rectangular construction. Her design is a kerchief-style scarf that uses a simple technique to create fringe along one edge. The ends of the scarf are hemmed and then crossed and stitched together to make the kerchief.

The warp yarn is a fingering-weight wool/silk blend, Fino, with subtle hue changes similar to the coloring of my favorite peony. For the weft, she selected three shades of Marina, a laceweight superwash merino. The primary color is a rich rust, combined with stripes of luminous sunset shades and an accent of ocean-like aqua. The luscious quality of this yarn calls for a simple weave structure with random plain-weave stripes to produce playful color mixtures in the fringe. This combination of color, yarn, and design creates a casual yet elegant piece intended to be worn with the kerchief in front or back and one wrap of the scarf at the neck—just right for the indulgence of immersing oneself in this lovely yarn!

Plain weave with weft fringe.

Rigid-heddle loom, 11" weaving width; 12-dent heddle; 3 stick shuttles.

Warp: Fino (70% extrafine merino wool/30% silk; 450 yd/3.5 oz), #411 Garnet Brooch, 273 yd. Weft: Marina (100% merino superwash wool; 874 yd/3.5 oz), #N6362 Vesuvio, 175 yd; #N5000 Cincuenta, 90 yd; #N9952 Calypso, 30 yd. Both yarns by Mano del Uruguay, distributed by Fairmount Fibers.

240" of 8/4 cotton carpet warp or similar cotton yarn.

84 ends 3¼ yd (117)" long (allows 5" for take-up, 24" for loom waste).

Warp: 12 epi (1 per slot and hole in a 12-dent heddle). Weft: 10 ppi.

Width in the heddle: Body of scarf 7"; total width in heddle with fringe 11". Woven length: (measured under tension on the loom) 88". Finished size: 6" x 70" with 3" fringe (6" x 32" loop).

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