How to Read a Simple Inkle Draft

Ready to get started with your inkle loom? Here’s how to read basic drafts.

Weaving with Handspun: What Makes a Good Tapestry Yarn?

When spinning for tapestry consider this: What kind of reflectance do I want in the finished yarn? And what yarn properties will best allow me to create the desired image?

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A Treasury of 10 Rigid-Heddle Designs: New eBook

Weave your way through Long Thread Media’s NEW rigid-heddle eBook! It features favorite projects from Handwoven, Spin-Off, and (of course) Easy Weaving with Little Looms!

Techniques for Texture: Rya and Soumak

Rya and soumak are simple techniques that can add a powerful visual punch to your weaving. Learn how to use these two techniques in your weaving with some helpful (and free!) videos by Esther Rodgers.

Bespoke Inkle Bands

I enjoyed having a plan in mind for my inkle bands as I wove them, and I find that’s often the case in weaving; an end purpose makes it more fun and interesting.

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Bonus Project: Pin Loom–Woven Oru Roll

Learn how to weave and construct a pin loom–woven sushi roll with this Subscriber Exclusive project from Angela K. Schneider.

Spice Up Your Weaving with the Summer 2023 Issue of Little Looms

Take a quick tour of the Summer 2023 issue full of projects inspired by food and cooking.

Long Thread Podcast: Kerstin Neumüller

Season 6, Episode 6: Admiring the traditional bandweaving of her native Sweden, Kerstin Neumüller took her love of weaving a step further and learned to carve small, sweet rigid heddles.

Weaving with Raffia: Patio Party Mats

Using Margaret Stump’s project from the Summer 2023 issue as a guide, Christina pairs raffia with 3 different yarns to weave some cute coasters.

The Well-Dressed Pup Collar

Using the commercial collar as her example, Elisabeth Hill found the necessary hardware online and then designed an inkle loom for her proud pup Fiona.