Weaving While Watching Sara Bixler

Sometimes what you get from a course isn’t part of the course.

Quick Tip for Seamlessly Joining Wefts by Reducing Plies

Adding a new weft doesn’t have to be a bulky affair. Whether you’re changing colors or just changing bobbins, using the ply-reduction method will give you a seamless join.

Sara Bixler, an Inspired Weaver

Sara Bixler has been one of our cherished contributors for a while, and there are very good reasons for that.

How Big Should Your Napkin Be?

Christina discusses the different types of napkins and their sizes.

Pinning Down 2021

Christina reflects on 2021 and how she learned to stop worrying and start pin-loom weaving.

Magnolia Ornaments

Weave a few squares, do a bit of crafting, and create flowers for any season.

Little Looms Indexes

These are the indexes for all Little Looms magazines, from 2016-2021. Find specific patterns, designers, techniques, and more right here.

Sharing the Joy of Weaving

Have young guests staying with you for the holidays? Christina shares how a warped loom and a pile of pretty yarns is a great way to keep kiddos happy during the holidays.

Fair (Trade) Thoughts & Happy Hours

Not only does fair-trade buying benefit you, your loved ones, and the planet, it will also make the diverse holiday seasons merry and bright for artisans, makers, and growers and their families around the world.

The Low-Stress Guide to Weaving Gifts

Want to avoid giving someone two skeins of yarn and telling the recipient it will be a scarf . . . one day? Here are our tips for gift planning.